Splatter Painting

Artist Bio

Hello, I am Matt. I'm a crazy artist and love to create art pieces about my life and people. Since my accident in 2010, all I do is sit and create art, closely watched by my cat, Chips. I sleep for only three to four hours a night and spend the rest of my time painting. I suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car crash that led to my aphasia and now I struggle to communicate. I also suffer with epilepsy and find noisy environments difficult to cope with. Painting helps me communicate my frustrations in life and allows me to vent my locked-in mind.My first art exhibition was at the Brick Lane Gallery in 2020, followed by the Joseph Wright Museum, Derby, in 2021. 


"Matthew regularly sends me images of his latest paintings, usually with a one word explanation. The work is usually bright, bold and contains an important message. The message conveyed in paint is a way of self-explanation. For Matthew they illustrate a journey explaining an event which altered his life. His works reminds me of artists such as Alan Davie and Marc Chagall; artists who painted a spiritual journey of discovery through their own individual universe"

Jane Winfrey, Bonhams